Here is an account about applying for a non-professional driver's license in the Philippines. Well, this is my personal experience that might as well can give a guide to people who will be getting their licenses in the future. :)

Here are some of the requirements, qualifications and information on fees, source? LTO.  I will be adding my comments in a pink font :D

  1. Must be at least seventeen (17) years old -yes, I am exactly 17 years of age :)
  2. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle I think so? :))
  3. Must not be a drug user or alcoholic -this can be tested when you get your drug test result, which is a requirement for applying a license
  4. Must be able to read and write in Filipino or English -because before getting a non-pro license, you must be able to pass both written and practical examinations
  5. Must be clean, neat and presentable (wearing of sando, playing shorts and slippers during photo-taking & examinations will not be allowed).

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form for Driver’s License (ADL) -you can get this at the customer service or just ask the guard
  2. Valid Student Permit (at least 1 month old) -mine was almost a year old and was about to expire
  3. Medical Certificate with official receipt (from LTO accredited or Government physician) -there are lots of testing centers that are DOH accredited around LTO Compound or even inside it
  4. Negative drug test result (from a DOH accredited drug testing center & Government Hospital) -same as #3
  5. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) -you can get this at BIR or at any RDOs, I got mine just a month ago for the sake of getting a driver's license :P
  6. Must have passed the LTO conducted written and practical examinations. -well, it's not hard, trust me, they will allow you to review first and guide you before the exam.
  • For the new Non-pro license fee, you should prepare P100 for the Application Fee, P67.63 forthe computer fee, P350 for the license fee and another 67.63 for computer fee. Or just bring at least P585.26 for all the fees and charges.

My Tips:
  • Be there very early, their office opens at 8:00 am and by that time, there are already so many people waiting for the opening of their office. Nothing beats an early bird. When you start early, you also finish early.
  • Bring water and food or extra money just in case you get thirsty or hungry. There are canteens around the office so you need not to worry.
  • Bring a fan, it will surely be handy when thing gets hot :)
  • Bring a pen, this is very important for the examination. There's this one guy that I encountered during the written exam where he just realized that he does not have a ballpen when the exam started. That was just so much hassle and too much time wasted on finding a pen. Remember, Time is Gold, or even better :)
  • Be prepared, bring necessary IDs and make sure to complete your requirements for you not to be delayed and not going back to LTO anymore.
Well I think, the no. 1 requirement you need is patience. It will surely take a veeeerrrryyy llooooong time getting a license but it sure is worth the wait. I got mine in an estimated time of 6 hours excluding lunch break, so there. I got mine at Las Pinas Licensing Extension Office :)

paul ryan

tnx for the info.. it helped alot..and it saved my time


is it real that it will cost you 2000 for total fees for non-pro license?


salamat sana marami pa kayong
mabigay na kaalaman..!!


san po ba branch merun kuhaan ng non pro? makati po ako


Pde po ba kht not exact 17 pero may student na? August p ksi bday ko e


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